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10 best baby products for new parents

Bring baby home to some genuinely useful accessories, given the seal of approval by parents (and mini testers)

As if having a baby wasn’t hard enough, knowing what to buy for your impending arrival is a hassle you really could do without. From Moses baskets to changing mats, nappy bags to buggies, everything requires extensive research and - in many cases – copious amounts of cash. But the best way to save money away from the absolute must-haves is to avoid making impulse purchases and 3am panic-buys and keep focused on what you really need.

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Make a list of the basics – consult your many magazines and pregnancy books – and take advice from those who have been there.
In the modern age, there are products galore claiming to offer you the world. From a good night’s sleep (highly unlikely in the early …

Best Baby Carriers 2017

Best Baby Carriers 2017 Babies love being held close to mom or dad, feeling the warm comfort of their chest and the gentle rhythm of their breathing and heartbeat. But unless you're Ronda Rousey or Mark Wahlberg, your arms and shoulders are going to get very tired from lugging around a growing baby all day. That's where the soft-structured baby carrier comes in! Each year, there are several new entrants into the baby carrier market, making it harder to make an informed decision about which ones are best for you and your baby. We took 17 popular baby carriers, some having been around for over a decade (like the BabyBjorn and ERGO) and some being relative newcomers to the market (like the Mother Nest and Tula), and put them to the test. They ranged in price from about $35 to $150, and in general price tended to correlate with quality. All of the carriers were purchased by us, we did not accept any freebies to ensure our reviews were honest and unbiased. We e…

Best Budget Baby Carriers

Best Budget Baby Carriers A $100-150 baby carrier not fitting you budget? We have been testing baby carriers for many years and have seen some great options under $50. Not great enough to get into our annual top 5 list, but definitely worth considering if you're looking to save some cash! Start with the Baby Bjorn, listed above, for about $50. But if you want something a bit more versatile and like the more comprehensive carriers, check these out:

1. Bebamour Baby Carrier. This is an awesome hip-seat option, one of two hip-seat carriers on our list (the other is below). This one is super versatile, with 6 different carrying positions. It can be used on you chest, for inward or forward facing (3-36 months), on your back forward facing ("backpack position"), and as a versatile hip or front seat. So without the hip-seat it's a pretty typical carrier: you can use it as early as 3 months, and it supports babies up to 44 pounds. It has tons of awesome little poc…