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Insurance Companies

About this capture Login Insurance protecting you from losses regarding using automobiles and protecting you from financial loss in the event of an accident is auto insurance. Here are a wide variety of coverages that can be purchased depending on the wants and needs of the insured. This is a promise between you and your insurance provider. Your liability coverage can include physical injury, damage to property, medical expenses, and costs associated with physical damage (such as those covered under collision or comprehensive policies). The individual insured must pay for the premium; your insurance company then will pay any losses as outlined in your official policy.
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Various damages are paid for by the different coverages. If your vehicle is damaged or stolen, then property coverage comes into play. If you b…

RoadSide Assistance in the USA

RoadSide Assistance in the USA
Hello everyone me and my now wife are shipping our VW 1972 T2 Bay Window Camper van over to Baltimore, Maryland. As you know old VW's are not the most reliable things around so we wanted to get some roadside assistance just in case. We are starting in Baltimore and sort of doing a loop around America and ending back in Baltimore to ship it back to the UK. We rang AAA but they said because we don't have an address they cant do it for us. We have managed to get car insurance out there and they put their office as the address for us but when we suggested that to AAA they said they couldn't do that, also they said they only cover 14 states or something along those lines. Does anyone have or know of any companies that let Non-residents become members? Please help we get there on the (American dating) 03/06/2017 and pick up the camper the day after. Any help/information would be greatly appreciated. This is our honeymoon and I want it to go as smoo…