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Top Ten Auto Insurance organizations

Can One Buy Car Insurance With a Poor Credit Rating

The way of Improve Your Insurance Rating

Instructions 1 Pay bills on time to keep high credit ratings, that factor into your insurance rating. Those with high credit scores receive discounts, while a history of bankruptcy, foreclosure and delinquent payment histories can drive premiums up.
2 Keep a spotless driving record by avoiding tickets and accidents. A single speeding ticket stays on your record for three years, driving insurance premiums up until it falls off your record. Opt to take a driver defense class, if possible, to keep a traffic ticket from showing up on your record.
3 Avoid filing frequent or small claims on homes and autos. This can lose important discounts such as a claim-free discount and add surcharges to the policy.
4 Stick with the same insurance carrier, if financially feasible, as a lot insurance carriers add longevity discounts to long-term customers. This can often afford policyholders a better rating with the organization.
5 Avoid insurance lapses, that can take you from an automobile “preferred”…